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Save time and money!  Use our Request for Price system to assist you in soliciting quotations.

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The Preferred Supplier Division of Resorts of Ontario welcomes you to their new Web Site!

Our site offers you a multitude of elements to satisfy your shopping needs. Buying? Think Preferred Supplier Members First.


We encourage you to visit the various departments within the site to garner information on the many products and services offered by our members:  Food & Beverage; Housekeeping; Office; Maintenance; and Recreation. Resorts of Ontario members can take advantage of Member Specials, and solicit companies via a Request for Proposal.


Members of Resorts of Ontario can take advantage of the Buy and Sell pages, and the Resort Exchange Employee Program.  Looking at expanding your sales to include the Accommodation market, visit our Membership area on the benefits of becoming a Preferred Supplier member. 


One stop shopping is available at our Resorts of Ontario Trade Show each year. For more information, please visit the Trade Show link on the home page.