About schooley mitchell - Axel Nafthal

We have built our business on helping other businesses. Our model is one of mutually beneficial symbiosis; we do not make a dime unless we find savings for our clients.

We will not sacrifice what is best for our clients for the possibility of profit. Finding savings for the sake of savings – and to the detriment of our clients’ operations – is not in our playbook. Our drive is found in the solutions we recommend – our profit comes from our track record of doing so consistently.

We have no arrangements or affiliations with any service or product providers. Whichever vendor is right for our client is the one that receives our recommendation – with complete and pure objectivity.

We have a voracious thirst for ongoing education. We keep tabs on the complex marketplaces we consult to and are continually learning how to be better at what we do – and we do it better than anyone else in North America.

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